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Disrupt Poverty in Memphis

Invest in Slingshot Memphis!

$7,125 towards $10,000

Join me in investing in Slingshot to disrupt poverty in Memphis, TN by supporting me in the New York City Marathon in 5 days!

My mom, Harriet McFadden, has committed her life to helping the city of Memphis. As a founding Board Director of Slingshot, she has been working with her colleagues to build and sustain the organization since late 2016. Slingshot aims to create a demonstrable reduction in poverty by promoting a results-driven poverty-fighting ecosystem.

Slingshot applies quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify, fund, and accelerate a portfolio of organizations with highly effective solutions that improve the quality of life for Memphians living in poverty.

Knowing that many of the partner organizations require additional, ongoing streams of revenue to maximize poverty alleviating outcomes, Slingshot recruits investors to join the IMPACT Fund. This fund allows Slingshot to aggregate dollars, mobilizing every level of donor from 1 dollar to $10 million. Every cent of every dollar invested in the IMPACT Fund directly benefits Slingshot's portfolio of poverty fighters. In 2017, Slingshot invested $500,000 in their partner organizations. Before year-end, Slingshot is working to raise and invest an additional $1 million.

Poverty and Memphis have been tightly linked for too long. For years, Memphis has hovered at or near the top of many national poverty rankings. The following statistics accurately describe Memphis today, but they need not be predictors of Memphis tomorrow.

  • Memphis ranks #2 among 53 cities with populations greater than 1,000,000, in child poverty.

  • Memphis ranks #2 among 53 cities with populations greater than 1,000,000, in overall poverty.
    This is larger than the population of Chattanooga, TN.
    This exceeds the capacity of the University of Memphis football stadium by 15,000 people.
    This is the highest proportion of 16 to 24-year-olds of any city in the US that are not in school or not working.

I am running the NYC Marathon in less than one week, and I want to run it to support Memphians. I am in awe of this organization and its commitment to disrupting the cycle of poverty in Memphis. Join me!