The Crawl
The Crawl's Fundraiser

The 10th Annual Crawl Golf Tournament


$11,500 towards $15,000

Thank you for helping us raise funds and awareness for Slingshot Memphis, Inc. through The 10th Annual Crawl Golf Tournament.

Memphis was recently ranked the most generous city in America. It also ranks at the top in nearly every category of poverty, including child poverty. Something in our beloved city has to change.

Slingshot applies investment principles to disrupt our city’s persistent cycle of poverty. Ultimately, Slingshot aims to create a demonstrable reduction in poverty by promoting a results-driven poverty-fighting ecosystem.

Every cent, of every dollar, that we invest in Slingshot directly impacts our city’s highest-performing poverty fighting organizations as 100% of operating costs for Slingshot are covered by a group of Seed Funders and the Board of Directors.