Join us! It matters now more than ever. image

Join us! It matters now more than ever.

Slingshot’s growing movement of stakeholders is motivated and focused on creating THE highest impact possible.

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We shouldn't - and don't - hold back.

Slingshot will strive to invest each dollar in the most expeditious and strategic way possible. Just as earlier investments in equities grow faster due to compounding interest, earlier investments in poverty reduction can reduce more suffering over time. We don't wait.

Your investment goes 100% to the work, not our expenses.

Our Measurement Funders, alongside our Board of Directors, are committed to covering all operating costs. This unique framework guarantees that every cent of every dollar invested into Slingshot's IMPACT Fund will directly impact our city's highest-performing poverty-fighting programs.

For more details on Slingshot's results-driven approach, click here.